Issue #06 Irish Whiskey Magazine

Issue #06 Irish Whiskey Magazine

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Foreword - Gerard Garland
The Art of Flavour - Kate Packwood
Opinions - Patrick Scanlan (Spain)
As Clear as Crystal We visit Waterford Distillery - Peter White
Cork’s Patent Stills (Part 2) - Eric Ryan
Whiskey Bartenders: Gillian Boyle
Miren Talks: Peated Irish Whiskey Miren Somers
Biodynamic Farming We visit the biodynamic farm of Trevor Harris in Co. Kildare
7 Sips - A Sip of the Right Stuff - Fionnán O'Connor
Pearl Diver Whiskey Collecting - New Series by Whiskeytalk2u
Lost Distilleries Of Ireland: Birch Grove - Charlie Roche
Tastings - Omar Fitzell & Al Higgins

and much more....

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