Issue #04 Irish Whiskey Magazine

Issue #04 Irish Whiskey Magazine

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Significant Influencers - James Power - Carol Quinn

Of the Land - Interview with Tillage Farmer and head of Irish Grain Growers group Bobby Miller

7 Sips Series, Sip 3 - Recreating Farmhouse Whiskey  - Fionnán O'Connor

Miren Talks - Cask Influence - Miren Somers

Christmas Gift Ideas - Miren Somers

Cocktails and Mixology - Irish Whiskey Cocktails from Dublin Bar Academy

Paradise Lost, The Tale of Dair Ghaelach - Eric Ryan

Lost Distilleries - Fairfield Distillery - Charlie Roche

Tastings - 8 Irish whiskeys reviewed - Greg Dillon & Michael Foggarty

A look back at the Irish Whiskey Awards, Whiskey Live Dublin, News and Events 

and much more....

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