Irish Distillers throw their toys out of the playground!

Wednesday Night 22nd February 2017, Storm Doris is wreaking havoc across our island, but in Dublin's Project Arts Theatre there's another type of storm brewing, one of a distilled nature, something rather unconventional, madness.

This is more like an album release. The atmosphere is cool, ambient and modernly psychedelic. The visual kaleidoscope and audio senses are stimulated full blast. 

A couple of years now and the Irish Distillers micro-distillery in Midleton is starting to bear 'fruit'. With smaller capacities and batch runs, this is where innovation and experimentation can safely happen, where boundaries can be pushed, leading to, well time will tell. This is where, quite literally, Irish Distillers have  thrown their toys out of the playground, four toys, to be precise. 

Method and Madness range of Irish Whiskey

The result is a new range, Method and Madness, a completely new branded range of Irish Whiskey, different to anything Irish Distillers have released before. This is slick, modern, more youthful and cool, all without trying too hard. 

So what are these toys so far, have they hit the mark? Two Grain whiskeys, including a super premium 31 year old, a Single Malt and a Pot Still. These are not standard Irish Whiskeys. From the labeling, to the bottling these are something different and edgy, these are clearly targeted at new and younger audiences.

31 Year Old Single Grain Irish Whiskey

It has to be commended, Irish Distillers have taken a risk here, albeit in the safety ring of a new brand. It's been bubbling below the surface but Irish Distillers among others are helping Irish Whiskey reach new levels and new audiences. It is something different, something daring and bold. Have Irish Distillers hit the mark?

We'll be taking a closer look in Issue #2 of our Irish Whiskey Magazine.


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