Irish Whiskey Magazine Issue 2 - Greener not Leaner

Irish Whiskey Magazine - Issue 2

We're thrilled to announce we have released Issue 2 of Irish Whiskey Magazine, the world's only magazine dedicated to Irish whiskey.

We hope we have followed up on Issue 1 with an even better sequel. Issue 2 is now greener with paper sourced from sustainable sources and the use of a more rigid recycled card packaging. We're also 4 pages longer than last issue! Packed full of original content we hope that there is something there for everyone.

As well as bringing you all the exciting news and events in the sector we have the following features:

We are honoured and grateful that legendary Master Distiller at Irish Distillers, Billy Leighton, introduce this second issue with a beautiful foreword and look at the sector.

Irish Whiskey Tourism - An in-depth analysis by industry expert Vincent Hurl of this developing sector.

Irish Whiskey Tourism

7 Sips - In our exclusive 7 part series, Seven Sips, Fionnán O’Connor’s hunt for the story and taste of Irish whiskey’s first known drop.

Why would you do that? - Eric Ryan takes us through the mind of an obsessive collector as he painstakingly unravels the history behind a treasured find. 

Irish Whiskey Collector

A Tale of Two Cities -  Conor Michael O’Donovan contrasts two urban distilleries, one in New York and one in Dublin.

A Tale of Two Cities

Mixology - Chris Hennessy demonstrates his wizardry as he recreates four cocktails with a modern twist.

Women & Whiskey - Miren Somers eloquently talks Single Malts and Single Pot Stills. 

Lost Distilleries of Ireland - Willie Murphy continues our series with a look back at Bishop's Water Distillery.

Lost Distilleries of Ireland

Michael Lawlor talks about the significant influence of Aeneas Coffey.

We look at some great places to visit for international and local tourists alike, visiting the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild, Tullamore Dew Visitor Centre, Galway Whiskey Trail, Walsh Distillery, Dublin Whiskey Tours and Jameson Distillery Bow Street. 

Bord Bia set out their plans for their Origin Green initiative and how it works with the whiskey sector to promote sustainability.

Aviators Whiskey Society are our featured whiskey society.

Tastings for this issue are conducted by Great Dillon and Stuart Irvine as they present their notes and sometimes direct opinions on the Silkie, Method and Madness Single Pot Still, Tyrconnell 16 year old Single Malt, Irishman 12 year old Single Malt, Knappogue 14 year old Single Malt and Teeling Revival III.

Whiskey Tastings

And more...


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Irish Whiskey Magazine is the world's only magazine dedicated to Irish
whiskey. Our publication helps share the story that is the Irish
whiskey phenomenon.

Irish Whiskey Magazine highlights all the latest news from the
emerging and established players in the Irish whiskey sector. We cover
all aspects of the industry from farming right through to sales,
distribution and glass. We explore and share the fascinating history,
heritage and social integration of Irish whiskey, as well as all the
very latest industry developments.

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