A Bill of Significant importance to the Distilleries of Ireland

The Intoxicating Liquor (Breweries and Distilleries) Bill 2016, sponsored by Minister Deputy Alan Kelly, could soon remove the barriers to on-site selling of alcohol produced by breweries and distilleries around the country.

Chairman of the Irish Brewers Association, Seamus O'Hara has welcomed the move. "We're delighted to see any move that removes barriers to growth and supports an industry that's growing and sustaining jobs up and down the country". 

Seamus adds "We now have a level playing field where small breweries setting up can compete and grow. But also for rural Ireland it offers quality tourist attractions which are unique to their area."

At Irish Whiskey Magazine we fully support the bill which would provide a much needed revenue source for both new distilleries and breweries, and their respective local communities. This bill provides the framework to build upon the opportunities and growth which the sector has enjoyed over the last few years. The ability to sell their products on their premises seems a logical step to preserve the momentum and encourage economic development.

Details of the Bill can be found here 



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